WWE Ref Jessika Carr Reflects On Career, Cody Rhodes Responds

While WWE Backlash was a big night for Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Cody Rhodes, who made his first successful defense of the championship against AJ Styles, it was also a big night for referee Jessika Carr. The former wrestler turned referee, who has worked for WWE since 2017, officiated the match between Rhodes and Styles, becoming the first female referee a World Title main event in WWE history.


One day after doing so, Carr took to Instagram to reflect on her career. In a lengthy post, Carr discussed how she had always wanted to do things the right way since entering the wrestling business 15 years ago, and how she always wanted to "hit home runs" as a referee, echoing advice she had gotten from WWE Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels. Carr declared she was happy to have made WWE and herself proud with this accomplishment, called refereeing Rhodes vs. Styles "an unbelievable experience," and again noted how proud she was to have gotten the opportunity to make history.

On Monday evening, Carr again talked about her monumental achievement, this time posting on X. Carr opted for a "how it started, how's it going" style meme, posting a photo of her as a fan posing with Rhodes years ago, along with a photo of her handing Rhodes the championship after his win on Saturday.


Rhodes would respond to the post earlier this morning, noting that Backlash drew "the biggest gate for an arena WWE show in 71 years," and that Carr had been chosen to officiate the main event by WWE CCO Triple H and senior referee Charles Robinson. Rhodes thanked Carr for calling the match down the middle and said it was "a pleasure" to share the ring with her.