WWE Hall Of Famer Says He Would Rather Work With Vince Russo Than AEW CEO Tony Khan

Veteran pro wrestling writer Vince Russo is a divisive figure in the industry, despite being a part of both WCW and WWE during some of the biggest parts in both promotions' history. Tony Khan has had a more favorable history, even though he's often criticized, but according to Eric Bischoff in an episode of "83 Weeks," he'd rather work with Russo than Khan.


"Based on what I've seen and experienced thus far, I think working with Russo would have a higher degree of success or at least potential for success than working with [Tony Khan]," he said.

Bischoff then explained that Russo has a "fundamental understanding" of story and structure, and how important it is. In a similar vein, he noted that the patterns he's seen with AEW mean there's no way of working with Khan. 

"It would be a challenge, I can say that first hand, but I think it could be done," said Bischoff about working alongside Russo. "Tony has one way of doing things, sees one thing in his head at any given moment, and that's what's going to happen. Regardless of any of the reasons why something else should be considered."


While Russo's contributions to wrestling are criticized, Bischoff notes that he's seen some success in the industry, and that compared to AEW, this makes him a far better choice. "If I'm gonna pick one or the other, I'm gonna pick one that at least has some potential of success, versus one that I know is kinda like driving a car off a cliff."

Russo and Bischoff famously have not gotten along well with each other, with them falling out over creative differences during their time in WCW, while Bischoff has been critical of Khan and his booking.

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