Matt Cardona Explains How Torn Pec Injury Changed His Plans

Matt Cardona has stunned many with his successful reinvention on the indies, and has since gone by many monikers, like "The Indie God." Unfortunately, Cardona is currently out of action due to a pectoral injury. Appearing on "Busted Open Radio," he lamented how badly his condition has affected his plans. Cardona noted how he still saw to attending a meet-and-greet after getting hurt because he didn't want to leave his fans hanging, and noted that he didn't even slow down once his surgery was complete either.


"Instead of resting, relaxing, I was at my computer, my email, my calendar switching around my whole summer, contacting every promoter I'm working for." He then recounted his conversation with the promotions he contacted, noting that he still offered his services to them despite his injury. Cardona doesn't see his current condition as an excuse to have a vacation, and plans to keep up his momentum. "There's no way I'm just going to fade into obscurity this summer, I'm not taking a little summer vacation. I'm gonna be on the road every single weekend. I'm going to Australia."

Lastly, "The Deathmatch King" defiantly claims that nobody will stop him, and that he'll find a way to stay relevant, even though he's always been counted out. "This has to happen for me and I feel like the run, for anybody, it's not over until you quit and I'm never going to quit."


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