Don Callis Weighs In On The Young Bucks' Actions In AEW

Don Callis has provided his thoughts on the recent heel turn from The Young Bucks, specifically their actions towards AEW President Tony Khan. Speaking with "Battleground Podcast", Callis applauded Matthew and Nicholas Jackson for finally grasping onto the persona of the EVPs, and believes it's a character change they should've made three years ago. "The Young Bucks, who to me have been the most obsequious annoying punks that I've ever been around in professional wrestling, they're finally doing now what I encouraged them to do three years ago: use the EVP titles for your own benefit, they finally figured it out. They're not that smart, if you were smart you wouldn't live in a place like Rancho Cucamonga in a compound. Who wants their family around them all the time, it's terrible." 


Callis then analyzed the Bucks and Jack Perry's attack on Khan, where the latter took a piledriver, leading him to apply a neck brace when he made appearances during the NFL draft for the Jacksonville Jaguars. Callis said he was impressed by Khan for combining his role as AEW CEO with his Chief Football Strategy Officer position with the Jaguars. "What I will say is this, they have attacked Tony Khan which to me was quite shocking because you want to talk about the golden goose, Tony's the reason we're all here. I don't always see eye to eye with Tony but Tony's the man in terms of us all having a place to ply our trade ... I was pretty impressed with Tony Khan showing up at (the NFL Draft), neck brace on whatever, Tony might not be seven feet tall and 400 pounds but boy I'll tell you the kids got a set of balls on him, so I got a new respect for Tony Khan." 


On last week's "AEW Dynamite" the Bucks took over programming with Khan unable to make the show due to his onscreen injury. 

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