Bully Ray Assesses Available Opponents For WWE Champ Cody Rhodes

Cody Rhodes is writing a new chapter of his story as Undisputed WWE Champion after successfully defending the title for the first time at Backlash against AJ Styles. Now that the WWE Draft has concluded and the rosters for both brands are set, Rhodes will look for his next challenge on "WWE SmackDown." The topic of Rhodes' next opponent was discussed on "Busted Open Radio," and WWE Hall of Famer Bully Ray said that he believes there are only two options for Rhodes, with both The Rock and former champion Roman Reigns off TV.


"There's the new one in GUNTHER, but GUNTHER still needs to be built more," Bully explained. "Then there's the one that I've been talking about since day one. The guy that the story is there already, the most credible heel that can breathe down Cody Rhodes' neck, which is Randy Orton. If anybody could pull it off to the level that The Rock did, it's Randy Orton." The Ring General" is currently a "WWE Raw" star, though WWE has often proven that talent can cross brands. Orton, however, is a "SmackDown" star, and a former "Legacy" stablemate of Rhodes. The champion has previously alluded to wanting to feud with "The Viper." Rhodes has said Orton is one of the biggest reasons he is wrestling today, and things may look different in a match between the two now than it did in their Legacy days more than a decade ago.


Bully said anyone who listens to "Busted Open" knows that he thinks Rhodes is a heel. He said he believes more people are starting to realize that, and thinks WWE needs to rip off a "Star Wars" storyline, where Rhodes is swayed to the "dark side" by Paul Heyman. "[Rhodes] is tormented, he is tortured, and he still walks in the shadow of Dusty Rhodes," he said. "And all he needs is somebody to bring that out of him."

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