Matt Cardona On The Idea Of Running His Own Wrestling Promotion

After being released from WWE, Matt Cardona has found a lot of success on his own after reinventing himself, but at 38, he's border-lining on "veteran status." 

The natural next step for him could be to start a promotion or wrestling school, and in a recent appearance on "Busted Open Radio," he shared his thoughts on running his very own promotion. Cardona noted that he's not only open to it but that he and Brian Myers tried their hand at it in the past.


"Oh, absolutely, absolutely. Brian Myers and I, we tried running a couple of shows during the pandemic. We had two successful shows, everything was closed set, right? It was when there was no fans. So, we thought, 'We could do this,'" said the former WWE star.

He stated that they had success at first, but that it was largely due to the pandemic, adding how everything fell off as soon as the world went back to normal. "The Indie God" then recalled realizing that it was simply too much work for him to handle as an active wrestler, but he seemed open to it down the road. 

"We made a lot of money on the first two shows. Then, the world opened back up, we tried to do it with people, uh-uh. Then we tried it again, uh-uh. Fifth time's the charm, no," said Cardona. "Okay, this is a full-time gig, and I just don't have the bandwidth to –- because I don't want to, that's not –- maybe in five, ten years, but right now I can't fully focus on it, and I can't be all in on it."


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