WWE Star Zelina Vega Doesn't Hold Back On 'Bum' Carlito

Ahead of WrestleMania 40, the Latino World Order's Dragon Lee was mysteriously attacked backstage. Three weeks later, security footage revealed this assailant to be Lee's own LWO stablemate Carlito. Naturally, this development sparked a mix of confusion and anger amongst the majority of the remaining LWO faction members. Zelina Vega, however, felt something was off about Carlito from the start. 


"When it comes down to it, Carlito is a bum," Vega told "WWE's The Bump." "When he came into the LWO, I was like, 'Okay, cool, stoked for you, whatever.' But now it's kind of like, hmm, I should have went with my first vibe on you, and it wasn't good since [the jump]. So I don't know. But again, I tried to listen. When you listen to Rey [Mysterio], he's the mastermind, and he's the leader, so we got to go by what he says. And I'm happy about doing that, but at the same time, people take advantage of his kindness and they look at it as a weakness. I don't like that, and I'm not jacking that."

In an ironic twist, Carlito's betrayal was uncovered by another former LWO member, Santos Escobar, who later displayed the security footage of Lee's attack on "WWE SmackDown." Following the release of this footage, a rattled Carlito sent Lee crashing into Rey Mysterio before nailing Mysterio with a backstabber and fleeing the scene. According to Vega, this response is exemplary of a coward.


"You're a coward. You're a bum. That's disgusting to me," Vega said of Carlito. "And I'm sorry, but if you have somebody also like Santos Escobar, who's also a bum surrounding himself by bums, to actually catch you in a lie, that's bad."

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