Carlito Outed As Dragon Lee Attacker By Santos Escobar, Turns On LWO On WWE SmackDown

The big post-WrestleMania 40 surprises weren't finished on "WWE SmackDown" on Friday, as the identity of Dragon Lee's pre-Mania attacker was revealed — and it wasn't Santos Escobar of Legado del Fantasma to take out Dragon Lee before the event, but LWO's own Carlito. Lee was set to team alongside Rey Mysterio to take on Escobar and Dominik Mysterio on "The Grandest Stage of the All," but he was taken out backstage the Friday before WrestleMania weekend. The LWO assumed Lee's attacker was Escobar and replaced him with Andrade, rather than Carlito, in the WrestleMania match.


Lee and Mysterio finally teamed together on "SmackDown" to take on Angel and Humberto. The LWO got the win after Mysterio hit the 619 and Lee followed up with a Project Dragon and got the pinfall. Following the match, Escobar headed down to the ring and said he wasn't the person to attack Lee before WrestleMania, and he wasn't lying.

Escobar said Elektra Lopez had been working for weeks to find the security footage of the attack, and Santos played it for the audience and the LWO members in the ring. The video showed Carlito attacking Lee backstage. Mysterio and Lee, alongside Zelina Vega, looked to Carlito in shock — an obviously flustered Carlito threw Lee into Mysterio and hit a backstabber on the WWE Hall of Famer before running off into the crowd.