WWE Star Chelsea Green On Teaching NXT Talent

Chelsea Green, who recently returned to "WWE NXT," has referred to the brand as middle school and explained how the stars on the show might be knowledgeable at wrestling but they need more experience and exposure to be a part of the main roster.


Green originally made her "NXT" debut in 2018, presenting a familiar psychotic gimmick from the indies, but this time around she has brought the updated version of the "Hot Mess" character to the gold brand. The former WWE Women's Tag Team Champion spoke to "Busted Open" ahead of her "NXT" Women's Championship match with Roxanne Perez about what the women's division would look like if she was champion, and how the roster would learn from her if she had the opportunity to hold the title.

"'NXT' is middle school, it's not even high school, it is middle school. Now, I'm not saying skill-wise — skill-wise they are some of the best talent in the world, I cannot do 90 percent of the things those women can do. But it's middle school, they have life lessons to learn about WWE, about the main roster, about traveling 24/7 and coming home from France and going straight into a championship match, and that is what I'm going to teach them when I'm their champion. I'm going to teach them that there is so much more to this business than doing a front flip and a backflip." 


Chelsea Green wants NXT talent to show respect

Chelsea Green commented on her social media encounter with Roxanne Perez on X, where she responded to a tweet that Perez made ahead of their title match about Green being an easy opponent. Green explained that the stars in "WWE NXT" don't need to learn the hard way, but need to respect the accomplishments of wrestlers who may have more authority than them in the business. 


"I don't think they need to learn the hard way, I don't think they need to come up to the main roster and, you know, be grounded and pounded by people, it doesn't need to happen ... we are in this together, I'm going to kick your a** but I still respect you, I absolutely respect you. I respect what you've done, I know your resume, I know where you've been, I know the titles that you've held, and I know what you've done in NXT, and I respect that. So respect me and respect what I've done."

Despite her fighting talk before the match, the "WWE Raw" star fell short against Perez in the main event of the May 7 edition of "NXT."

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