Bully Ray Blasts Top AEW Star For No-Selling Steel Steps Piledriver On Dynamite

"AEW Dynamite" is known to feature many dangerous spots, such as Orange Cassidy being on the receiving hand of a piledriver onto steel steps during the March 8 episode. However, the star was somehow able to continue fighting back, and while Bully Ray was happy to see Trent Barretta perform again, he had a major issue with the spot. While speaking on "Busted Open After Dark," the veteran explained that in the world of pro wrestling he comes from, a move like that would take you out. 


"It's a f**king piledriver on steel steps. Come on."

Bully anticipated that he might get some backlash for criticizing AEW, and pointed out that he'd hate any promotion that showcased a similar spot. He then urged anyone to try and defend the angle, especially considering that Cassidy weighs 161 lbs. "Orange Cassidy should have been stretchered out. Neck in a brace, whatever, not on his feet and not defending himself."

Shortly after the beatdown, a backstage segment showed Cassidy being attended to by medical staff and Rocky Romeo proposing a trios match for next week. Bully also slammed this segment, pointing out how the medical care he was receiving didn't come off as believable after the moves he endured. 


"I think even the most diehard of AEW fans listening to night know in their heart 'Damn it, Uncle Bully is right.' Now, whether you guys want to admit it is a completely different story." Furthermore, he believes that the segment puts AEW and Cassidy in a tight spot moving forward.

Bully Ray believes the segment made Orange Cassidy come off too strong

Based on his merch sales and the crowd reactions he gets, Orange Cassidy is one of AEW's top stars. Bully Ray did, however, admit that there have been talent known to no-sell moves, and recalled an example of Road Warrior Hawk no-selling a Jerry Lawler piledriver, which he believes was justified. 


"That's Road Warrior Hawk and it was a piledriver in the ring, not on steel steps, and followed up with another move directly to the neck area. I'm sorry folks, this is where AEW needs a lot of help."

Following the comparison, Bully explained why he thinks AEW was wrong to book the segment. "You are taking the piledriver on the steel steps and the move that was done afterward and throwing it right out the door." Bully also criticized how it was possible for Cassidy to not get hurt and what this means for his character. "What the f**k are we gonna have to do to Orange Cassidy to beat him? Or put him on the shelf? He just got piledriven on the steel steps." He concluded by saying that it's important to maintain credibility and legitimacy in the wrestling industry, and this segment went against that notion.


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