Tommy Dreamer Says This Former WWE Talent Could Return And Prove His Caliber Again

WWE cuts are usually taken badly by fans, but every once in a while, released stars have been able to reinvent themselves and return as bigger competitors, with notable examples including Drew McIntyre and Cody Rhodes. According to Tommy Dreamer on an episode of "Busted Open Radio," Nic Nemeth, formerly known as Dolph Ziggler, could take a similar route. Nemeth is currently in the main event scene of TNA, and according to Dreamer, both this and his title prowess in NJPW — where IWGP Nemeth is a former Global Heavyweight Champion – have enabled him to be successful outside of WWE. 


"Nic could probably go to WWE again because he's proven he's a draw in other places. Whether it's going to be TNA, New Japan, he's doing really, really good for himself. He could probably go back there; don't know if he wants to."

He then compared Nemeth to McIntyre and Rhodes, explaining how stars tend to be "typecasted" by some people. "That is a thing that does happen until you go away and you leave that system; Nic never left that system." The veteran also pointed out that WWE still did their best to keep him from going to AEW, a company that's scooped up several former WWE names, including Mercedes Mone.

Dreamer also compared the situation to WWE having a "backup quarterback" in Nemeth, due to his ability and track record. He suggested that this was the only place they saw value in him, but who knows how he'd be perceived should he return to his old stomping grounds.


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