WWE Star Nikki Cross Earns Master's Degree, Announces Expected Ph.D Completion Year

She has been a psychotic member of SAnitY and was almost a superhero. Furthermore, She retired the WWE 24/7 Championship by literally throwing it in the trash. Outside of the ring, however, WWE Superstar Nikki Cross is an academic. Taking to Instagram, Cross showed off her graduation pictures — complete with her graduation gown, cap, and diploma — and revealed that she's obtained her master's degree.


Cross wrote, "Graduation from MSc Masters in History, June 2023. Haha really holding that scroll tight in the second picture, I mean knowledge is power. Working towards PhD, set for completion in 2029. The third picture shows my current morning with a box of Kleenex for the tears, and of course, coffee."

Cross has been very open about her passion for learning. She has already earned qualifications as a personal trainer and fitness instructor, as well as obtaining a bachelor's degree in History from the University of Glasgow. Not content with stopping at a bachelor's degree, Cross went on to study History at the University of Edinburgh, hoping to earn a master's degree in the subject, which she has now achieved. 


Her master's degree in History from the University of Edinburgh will now sit alongside her 11 reigns as WWE 24/7 Champion, three reigns as WWE Women's Tag Team Champion, and her solitary reign as WWE RAW Women's Champion, which she won after cashing in the Money in the Bank briefcase she won in 2021. In 2029, Cross might be able to put her P.h.D amongst those accolades, meaning that WWE might have to start calling her 'Dr. Nikki Cross' if her education goes according to plan.