Will Ospreay Explains What Makes AEW Special, From His Perspective

Will Ospreay has been touted as one of the most athletically gifted stars of his generation, and there was a brief "bidding war" between AEW and WWE to sign him. During an interview on the "Swerve City Podcast," Ospreay opened up about what he finds special about AEW since joining the promotion, revealing that the roster shares the same philosophy of what pro wrestling could be. 


"I think that's why AEW's special — because it doesn't have one common interest except for professional wrestling. Wrestling where the best wrestle. That's the whole signal." He also added that this is essentially the crux of wrestling and that there isn't one right way of doing things.

Ospreay then recalled some of the best AEW matches, and how different they are compared to one another. "Prime example: Bryan Danielson versus Zack Sabre Jr. was a completely different match, right? But that was still phenomenal, still incredible. Okada and PAC? Like, set the bar, like, God that was a hard thing to knock off, you know what I mean?"

Storytelling in wrestling is one of the most important tools that sets the sport apart, and Ospreay agrees. Using the aforementioned matches, he then explained that there are multiple ways to tell a story. 


"Like, it doesn't need a gazillion run-ins, it doesn't need all that. It can just sometimes be two people, four guys, just on the best professional wrestling shows and telling the story." Despite this, he still pointed out that run-ins aren't wrong and that it's a spectacle that can be used.

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