Kenny Omega Blasts Will Ospreay, Claims He Broke Dave Meltzer's Brain In Twitch Promo

Will Ospreay appears to have filled the void left by Kenny Omega in AEW since joining the promotion. Omega has been sidelined with diverticulitis, while Ospreay did what he couldn't as he pinned Bryan Danielson in an acclaimed bout at AEW Dynasty. The "Best Bout Machine" hasn't been impressed with his counterpart's attitude, however. 


"I remember having that killer instinct, that mean streak, that ego if you will. It's the same one that Ospreay has, he really struts around calling himself the best. I used to be that guy too," said Omega before laying into Ospreay during a Twitch stream

"Well, actually I was never that bad. I let other people call me the best, Ospreay just goes around parading calling himself the best. I just can't stand that. I can't stand when people do that... 'I'm the best of the 21st century. I'm the best wrestler you've ever seen...' That I've ever seen? I've seen myself. So go f**k yourself... He's pretty good. But he ain't me. He wasn't me. Never will be me."

Omega took aim at the numbers Ospreay was bringing in — or lack thereof — when compared to his time atop the promotion. "The 500, 600 fans that still would come to Korakuen Hall when you were there, maybe less I don't know, I am sure they adored you. More people were coming to see me, more people were buying my goods, I was appearing on TV more." Ospreay previously said that Omega lacks the mental strength to reach his level, but "The Cleaner" is confident about his own abilities.


Kenny Omega claims he broke Dave Meltzer's brain

What's important to note when it comes to Kenny Omega's digs at Will Ospreay regarding attendance in Japan, is that "The Cleaner" had left NJPW in 2019, before the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent restrictions in the country. However, he would cover all bases as he further launched into the in-ring comparisons between them. 


"When you talk about the matches, who remembers any of your f***ing matches, Will? Nobody remembers them," he proclaimed. "Who's got the better matches against Okada, who's got the better matches against Naito, who's got the better matches against Ibushi, Goto, Tanahashi, freaking Yoshi-Hashi, all these motherf***ers?... We're talking about the major players, the stuff that was bringing in the [money], that was yours truly, that was me only, not you, it wasn't you."

"The Cleaner" asserted that while that was the case, it didn't matter how Ospreay viewed himself, arguing that no one had forgotten his contributions to NJPW. Meanwhile, he wouldn't be surprised if they had already forgotten about the "Aerial Assassin." Omega concluded the promo with a nod to divisive critic Dave Meltzer and his ratings system, describing how the style he innovated in Japan broke the way Meltzer views wrestling — and that's why he rates Will Ospreay so highly. 


"Get that f***ing Dave Meltzer checklist. Every time. See if anyone remembers or gives a f*** aside from Dave Meltzer... I get the love of all the people and Dave Meltzer," he said. "I broke the scale, it f***ed up something in his brain or he doesn't know what a good match is anymore... I think he doesn't understand it anymore. He's stopped being able to understand. He can't comprehend what's going on. I opened Pandora's box and he's just running rampant right now."