AEW's Kenny Omega Addresses Likelihood Of Surgery To Deal With Diverticulitis

While plenty has happened in professional wrestling so far in 2024, it's all happened without the presence of Kenny Omega. The AEW star has been inactive for the last four months, after a severe case of diverticulitis forced Omega to the sidelines, and was serious enough to almost end Omega's life. Though he has since returned to the public eye via his weekly Friday Twitch streams, Omega has remained uncertain about when he could return to the ring, as he waits to see whether he will require surgery.


On his latest Twitch stream, Omega provided more information regarding his condition. Omega revealed it had been a tough recovery at times, saying he would have "one real bad day and one real good day" before being hooked up with a supplement line by the LifeMed Clinic in Baltimore, Maryland. While those supplements have improved his day-to-day life significantly, Omega cautioned it was still too soon to know whether he could forgo surgery or not.

"With these supplements, a lot of my inflammation has gone down," Omega said. "I'm able to eat properly and drink more fluids without feeling discomfort. Aside from feeling sensitive to the touch, for a quick second, I thought, 'Oh my goodness, is it possible I'm able to go back without surgery?' Nah. 


"The first time I take someone's double foot stomp, even if it's Marko Stunt or Riho, something is probably going to blow. Even if Dobby walks on my belly, that's a 21-pound cat. As good as I feel right now in my day-to-day and training, once impact starts to get involved or you have to use your core to do heavy lifts, that's when things start to get dangerous. I'm going to have to make sure it's all taken care of."