Alex Shelley Discusses MCMG's Future Amid Reported AEW Interest

Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin, collectively known as The Motor City Machine Guns, are TNA Wrestling royalty, with three TNA tag titles, 11 X-Division titles, and two world titles between them, but the Detroit duo appears to be finally leaving their home promotion for good. The rumor is that MCMG are signing with AEW imminently, if they haven't already, and in a recent interview with "Irish Wrestling and Entertainment," Shelley commented on the team's next move in the industry after moving on from TNA.


"Sabin and I, we've done everything there is for us to do there, everything," Shelley said. "It's time for somebody else to step up and become the new Motor City Machine Guns for that company. For us? It's time to be the Motor City Machine Guns somewhere else, wherever that may be."

Shelley then reflected on his career and became sentimental for a moment, as he explained how fortunate he is to be able to wrestle for a living. "Again, having the view point I have through my experiences and certainly working in medical, physical medicine, all of this can be taken away so quickly through no fault of your own."

At this stage, fans will simply have to wait and see where the MCMG end up, but based on what Shelley said, it seems like the men have big plans ahead.


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