WWE NIL Signee Peyton Prussin Teases NXT Arrival As Kendal Grey

WWE NIL athlete Peyton Prussin has teased her arrival in "WWE NXT" under the name of Kendal Grey. Prussin was signed to WWE's Next In Line Program in January last year and caused a stir earlier this year when she changed her social media handles to "Kendal Grey" after making a cameo in the Chase U section of the crowd. She posted to X (formerly Twitter) on Friday to tease her full debut, whenever that might be, with highlights pulled from her NAIA wrestling career. 


"The 'NXT' women's locker room better watch out... I'm coming for it all...", she wrote. 

As Kendal Grey, Prussin has already technically debuted in "NXT," wrestling on "NXT LVL Up" and during live events over the past few months, but she has yet to make her full debut on the third brand of WWE. 

Prussin was the first female wrestler signed to WWE's NIL program, and the first to hail from the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics. Since then, PWInsider reported that she had been signed to a full-time deal with the company late last year, signaling plans for Prussin to make an imminent transition to professional wrestling. The timeline may align for Kendal Grey to make her "NXT" debut in the Break Out Tournament, which has yet to be announced but typically airs either in the summer or fall periods. WWE applied that formula to current North American Champion, Oba Femi, who had joined the promotion as an NIL prospect in 2021 before winning last year's tournament.