Shane Helms Details Differences Between Modern & Old-School WWE Locker Room Culture

Pro wrestling culture has evolved substantially over the past two decades, and the same can be said for the backstage culture. During an appearance on "Behind the Turnbuckle," Shane Helms — better known as "The Hurricane" in WWE — commented on the differences in roster culture today as opposed to the old-school locker room.


"It's a little less rowdy but a lot safer, you know? You know, I mean they take care of the guys a lot more, you know," Helms said. He then recalled how often he hears veterans talk about the past and how they wish the locker rooms would return to how they once were. "It sounds like some of them wanted it to be like it was back in the day; I don't agree with that."

He then pointed out that he and his peers helped pave the way for the current generation in order for things to be better. "I want things to be a little easier because the grind is going to be the grind. It's never going to be an easy job; it's always going to be hard."

Similarly, Matt Hardy has also commented on the shift in locker room culture, and much like Helms, criticized how things were back in their early days of the industry. Hardy also claimed that many young stars were often hazed during their first few years in the locker room in ways that could have resulted in jail time for the offenders.


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