WWE Star Kofi Kingston Discusses The 'Most Important' Element Of Wrestling

Kofi Kingston has given his perspective on why storytelling and attention to detail is the most significant part of wrestling. On the "Battleground Podcast," the New Day member expressed how in ring wrestling is still a very important part of the business but the ability to tell a good story is taking first priority at the moment. 


"[Right now], there's really a focus on the stories that are going on and we've always talked about how the most important element in wrestling is the stories. Going out there and doing cool moves is awesome but what really invests people is the ability to tell a good story." 

Kingston cited WWE Champion Cody Rhodes as someone who people have become invested in because of his individual story, which saw him leave WWE after being perceived as a mid-card act only to return as a main eventer. 

"You think about Cody Rhodes. the guy who was really, I don't want to say run out of this company but wasn't looked at as a top guy, as a star. So he left on his on his own accord, bet on himself, he came back and now he's on top of the world... That's what gets people to invest in the product and keeps people coming back. Also, credit has to be given to the ability to keep that story going TV. Shows have seasons, they have episodes, there's breaks. Sports there's breaks you know, with WWE like the wheel keeps on turning." 


Kingston defeated Rey Mysterio in the King of the Ring tournament at house show in Georgia this past weekend. He will now advance to face Gunther on "WWE Raw" in the quarter-finals.

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