WWE King Of The Ring Tournament Report, Raw 5/13/2024

Two "WWE Raw" stars are one step further to being crowned King of the Ring in Saudi Arabia. Former Intercontinental Champion GUNTHER and Jey Uso advanced in the quarter finals of the tournament during Monday night's episode. GUNTHER defeated Kofi Kingston and Uso toppled Ilja Dragunov.


Kingston started off the first bout hot, attacking GUNTHER and hitting him with a suicide dive before the bell even rang. GUNTHER was able to capitalize and took control for a good portion of the second half of the match, even slamming Kingston onto the announce desk before getting him into a Boston Crab submission on top of it.

Kingston hit an SOS and a Trouble in Paradise throughout the course of the match but could not keep the "Ring General" down. GUNTHER hit a powerbomb in the middle of the ring, and turned it into another Boston Crab when Kingston kicked out. The New Day member tapped out, with GUNTHER getting the victory.

Dragunov came out of the gate hot against Uso, until he was hit with a suicide dive and knocked spine-first into the announce desk. "The Mad Dragon" didn't take too kindly to that, and cleared the desk and attempted to lay Uso out on top of it with an H-Bomb. When both men were back in the ring, Dragunov slammed Uso across the mat and connected with the H-Bomb. Uso was able to kick out of the maneuver, and Dragunov started to get frustrated. Uso caught him with a spear, then went to the top rope and hit an Uso Splash for the victory.


Uso and GUNTHER will face off in the semi finals of the tournament next Monday on "Raw." The two stared each other down in the middle of the ring to end the broadcast, with Uso "yeeting" and hyping up the crowd as GUNTHER looked on.