Perry Saturn Discusses Having Heat With Former WWE Star

Former WWE star Perry Saturn has opened up about facing Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy in WWE, and how they didn't often see eye-to-eye in the ring.

Saturn was a recent guest on "Wrestling Shoot Interviews," where he talked about the issues he and Dean Malenko had with Hardys, in particular Matt, and how he resolved it.


"Actually, Matt Hardy — me and Dean had a huge problem with him too," said Saturn. "[In] WWF. He went to Vince [McMahon] to complain that I was beating them up every night. They would ... they were very tight with Michael Hayes and they would get together at night and set up the next day's matches. Dean [Malenko] had more time in the ring than all of us, and both of us told him [Matt], 'Don't do that,' you know, 'You got to let us fu**ing in on what's going.' And I would tell him, 'You got to give Dean the respect.' To not tell him what we're doing, you know ... And they would do it and do it and do it and then that was it. Finally, Jeff, I'd bump all over the place for, Matt [would] come in, I cut him off, you know, and just it was not ... they could have handled it better and so could have we."


Saturn believes that the heel should ideally put together and lead the match in the ring, which wasn't the case when he faced the Hardys. He revealed that he had requested the Hardys not to go to Hayes and plan the matches beforehand, which they did not heed to. He also added that he and Chris Benoit also had issues with the Hardys, with him complaining that the Hardys did things in the ring that didn't make sense to him.