Perry Saturn Says WWE Rejected These Two Former WCW Stars

WCW was already on the downswing when Perry Saturn, Chris Benoit, Dean Malenko, and Eddie Guerrero made the jump to WWE, where they became known as The Radicalz. But for WCW to lose four of its biggest mid-card stars to the competition was a blow nonetheless, and a longstanding rumor indicated that two other stars almost joined them — Shane Douglas and Konnan.


During a recent "Wrestling Shoot Interviews," Saturn put that rumor to rest, saying that WWE was never interested in Douglas or Konnan.

"Originally, it was the four of us [plus] Konnan and Shane. [WWE] wasn't interested in Konnan and Shane," Saturn claimed.

In late 1999, the political atmosphere behind the scenes at WCW was a whirlwind of dysfunction, causing some to seek the dissolution of their contracts. At the time, Benoit, Malenko, and Saturn formed a faction with Douglas called The Revolution, which linked the wrestlers together both on-screen and off-screen. But, according to Saturn, Douglas was playing one side against the other, telling his fellow stablemates they should all walk out together, while secretly assuring WCW management he thought he could convince the group to stay.


"We didn't let [Shane] know that they weren't interested in him, we were trying to take care of ourselves first," Saturn said. "But while that was going on, he was telling WCW that he'll get us to stay. We should've said, 'Hey Shane, they're not interested in you,' and figured it out from there. Because we had to tell Konnan that they weren't interested in him. Once we found out Shane was doing that, it became easier for us to just say, f*** it ... Because, originally, we were a group, and Shane walked out with us. That night, or the next day, Bruce Prichard said, 'Yeah, Vince wants you guys here now. But he doesn't want Shane or Konnan.'