'The Hurricane' Shane Helms Discusses The 'Unsung Heroes' Of WWE

Harkening back to his time as an on-screen talent, WWE producer Shane Helms knows the value of the production crew and appreciates them now from multiple perspectives. 

Appearing on "Behind the Turnbuckle" with "The Coach" Jonathan Coachman and Tommy Carlucci, Helms emphasized his respect for those behind the scenes and admitted that it would be hard to get anything done without them. After Carlucci pointed out that in his time as WWE floor manager, from 1996-2002, he "saw a lot of stuff," Helms praised Carlucci and others in similar positions. 


"I always had a great respect for the guys," said Helms. But beyond just respect, "The Hurricane" made an effort to explain just how valuable the folks on the technical side of things are for a wrestling show. "I always knew where my camera guys were. I knew who my sound guys were. If you're in television and you don't know those people, you're working uphill as it is."

Now, in the role of producer since 2019, while also making time to train superstars such as Logan Paul, the value Helms puts on the production crew has only grown exponentially. "When I have to get things done, there's so many members of the production team [and] nothing happens without these guys. They're the unsung heroes for sure," said Helms.


Be it a sound cue, a key camera shot, or a multitude of other unheralded actions that nobody ever sees, the production crew's job is to make the wrestlers shine so that the show itself comes off as best it can. Shane Helms clearly appreciates as much, especially now working from behind the scenes.

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