WWE Hall Of Famer Ted DiBiase Explains Issue With Modern Wrestling

Pro wrestling fans tend to squabble online about whether the current generation of pro wrestling measures up to the "Attitude" or "Ruthless Aggression" Eras. Many veterans similarly have their qualms with the current product, and in a recent episode of his "Everybody's Got A Pod" podcast, Ted DiBiase listed his reasons for why he isn't a fan of modern wrestling.


"You watch it now and it looks like a tumbling match, you know what I'm saying?" DiBiase pointed out. He then explained how the over-usage of no-selling high spots has devalued them as well. "You take a great big beautiful bump over the top rope and you hit the ground and you bounce up to your feet like nothing happened. Well, so what, it was pointless?"

DiBiase then contrasted modern pro wrestling with the way films have also evolved. According to the veteran, movies like "The Alamo" were better than current movies due to how the plot was paced. 

"A big portion of that story was the wives and the kids, and the setup, and showing you just what they were having to do, what they were going to have to face," he said. "And I mean, because, you know, it wasn't okay now 'bang-bang-bang'...and the whole story wasn't about the fight." The veteran also opined that the buildup was what made the fights exciting, seemingly suggesting that modern wrestling similarly lacked in this way.


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