Video: Willow Nightingale Puts Mercedes Mone Through A Table On AEW Dynamite

The feud between TBS Champion Willow Nightingale and Mercedes Mone came to a head during their contract signing on "AEW Dynamite" on Wednesday when the champion put Mone through a table to seal the deal. The two are set to battle for the title at Double or Nothing in Las Vegas on May 26. The two last faced off in the ring at NJPW Resurgence 2023, where Mone sustained a serious, almost career-ending ankle injury and Nightingale captured the NJPW STRONG Women's Championship.


Renee Paquette welcomed both women down to the ring and offered the champion the chance to speak first. Nightingale said she respects everything Mone has done in her career, but questioned if Mone actually respects the TBS Championship and the legacy of wrestling on the channel. Nightingale said she's not going to let Mone walk into AEW and take her championship away.

Mone countered that Nightingale was still training when she was shattering glass ceilings in Brooklyn, referencing her "WWE NXT" Takeover match against Bayley. Mone said she has a lot of respect for Nightingale, but there's a difference between "being great and being the greatest of all time." She said she knows the best part of Nightingale's career was beating her, but losing at Double or Nothing will still be one of the best things to ever happen to her.


Nightingale stood up to face Mone and said that the last time they fought, she walked away a champion, and Mone didn't walk away at all. Her words earned her a slap from Mone, but Nightingale power bombed the "CEO" through the table to end the segment and walked away triumphant.