WWE's The Undertaker On Importance Of Transitioning To American Badass Character

It's safe to say The Undertaker is more closely associated with the coat and hat-wearing Deadman persona, but some appreciate his American Badass persona just as much, and even some WWE Hall of Famers who prefer it. Regardless of the differing opinions held between the two, the transition was something Mark Callaway lobbied heavily for as he felt it important to reinvent himself during the tail end of the Attitude Era.


On "Busted Open Radio," Undertaker spoke about leaving his gimmick-driven character behind to become something more humanized after portraying the Deadman for nearly 10 years at that point.

"For me, and this goes back to the old school storytelling, protecting that character," he said. "I thought it was just vital that I leave that alone. I bury it, and not bastardize it, or cheapen that character one bit." 

These days, fans are excited to see The Undertaker in any form, as evidenced by the thunderous reaction he received at WrestleMania XL. Though it was punctuated by a gong, fans didn't get the Deadman, but his physical appearance was similar to how he looks in everyday life. He admitted that it's hard to immerse himself as the Deadman since he's allowed the public to see more of his human side after years of maintaining the character.


"I just can't put the hat and coat back on and go and do that, and then the next day and go and do my show," 'Taker said. "Believe me, it's cost me some opportunities. Because, obviously, people identify with the hat and the coat more so than anything. But for the sake of that character, and what it meant, I just don't feel like I can just randomly pick the hat and the coat up and put it back on, and be that guy, and then come back and be this guy."