Why NJPW's Rocky Romero Stresses The Importance Of A Good Agent

NJPW star Rocky Romero has revealed that he would have been tied to a particular promotion for a long time had it not been for his agent. 

During a recent interview with "Fightful," Romero opened up about how he almost became a cast member of Lucha Underground.


"I was going back and forth with them," Romero said. "I don't think I was contracted to New Japan or was about to re-sign ... through my TV agent I got this call to go to an audition and when I got sent the paperwork I was like, 'Oh, this is a wrestling show.' I was like, 'Oh, this is Lucha Underground."

Romero explained that he auditioned for the role of Dario Cueto, the owner of Lucha Underground, which eventually was played by Spanish actor Luis Fernandez-Gil. However, a role was created for Romero as a janitor at the Lucha Underground Temple, who would eventually reveal himself as part of the family that originally owned The Temple but was betrayed by Cueto.

Some have suggested that the biggest downfall of Lucha Underground was the company's contracts, where they signed wrestlers to exclusive deals that could span up to seven years. Romero has revealed that had it not been for his agent, he wouldn't have had any of the opportunities he's had in recent years. "That was the problem, it was the contract. Good thing I have a good agent. When going back and forth with them, they were like, 'If you sign this thing, you're like screwed for the next seven years.'"


Romero has continued his long-standing association with NJPW and has wrestled on Impact Wrestling in recent years, while also recently joining the AEW front office.