The Undertaker Wants To See WWE Hall Of Famers Roasted

WWE Hall of Famer The Undertaker has provided his thoughts on WWE hosting a wrestler "roast," and named who he'd like to see sit in the hot seat for the event on "Six Feet Under." After watching the "Roast of Tom Brady" on Netflix that aired May 5, Undertaker described his idea of doing a wrestling-themed roast at the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony, explaining that it would be an effective new featured attraction. However, "The Deadman" was totally not interested in being the candidate to get roasted when co-host Matt Lyda recommended it should be him. 


"I mean there's a lot of guys that come before I did that need to be roasted ... you know WWE they monitor this right ... I'm telling you what if this somehow miraculously happens, me and you we're going to have problems. Now you're all gung-ho about it and now what's going to happen is the internet is gonna blow up they're going to be like "oh yeah I think the roast would be a great idea" and it's going to happen."

After continuously shutting down the idea of being volunteered for the first ever roast hosted by WWE, Undertaker named Triple H and Stephanie McMahon as the two people within the industry he would love to see sit in the hot seat. Although Lyda agreed that Triple H and Stephanie would be great options, he believes "The Phenom" is still the best choice because of the level of respect he still has in the wrestling business today. 


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