Triple H Discusses Stephanie McMahon Returning Home To 'WWE'

In many ways, WrestleMania 40 was all about moving WWE forward, away from the days Vince McMahon was in charge and towards a new era, shepherded by Chief Content Officer Triple H. Even still, WWE did plenty to acknowledge the past, including the return of Stephanie McMahon. The former WWE CEO was seen at the WWE Hall of Fame on Friday, and two days later appeared on camera at Night Two of WrestleMania, addressing the fans.


At the post-show media scrum a few hours later, Triple H addressed his wife's return to the promotion, and could barely hide his excitement at Stephanie being in a WWE environment again.

"It's so great to have her back home," Triple H said. "I get her home all the time, but have her back here, to see the doubt leave her by being here for the last few days, to see her confidence come back and to know that this is her home. All of you, all of us, all this business, it's her home. And as much as anybody on the planet, she belongs here. And hopefully she knows that now. So [I'm] happy to have her back."

Despite Stephanie's appearance, it remains unclear whether she will once again assume a full-time role within the promotion. Stephanie previously resigned from WWE in January 2023 shortly after her father regained power within WWE and had remained out of the public spotlight till this past weekend. Stephanie has since been connected to McMahon via a lawsuit filed against him by Janel Grant, which named her as one of the corporate officers who was aware of the relationship between McMahon and Grant.