Carmella Details Non-Wrestling Injury That's Keeping Her Out Of WWE Action

WWE star Carmella has not been seen on television since March 2023 after taking time off due to pregnancy, however even after giving birth to her son, she still remains out of action because of a non-wrestling injury. On "The Nikki and Brie Show", Carmella revealed that she still has aspirations of stepping back in the ring, but needs to tend to her health first after dealing with herniated discs that she suffered during labor. 


"I just want to prove I think to myself that okay I can go through this insane experience of labor and delivery and pregnancy, and my body is completely different now from the inside out, would love to go back and just prove that I can, just to myself ... I have what's called Drop Foot, which is basically I have this injury from labor and delivery in pushing the baby out, I have like herniated discs in my back which push on this nerve which is connected to my right foot ... I mean I wrestled for 11 years and other than some concussions, knock on wood, never had any injuries, and now I have this major injury from delivering my son." 

Carmella went on to explain how she endured 60 hours of labor, and believes the length of time it took to deliver the baby definitely contributed to the injury she sustained. She also described almost having to go through with a c-section, but luckily was able to avoid the process. Carmella didn't provide a timeline of when she could step back inside the ring, but did state that there is a plan for her to eventually return to WWE.  


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