Photo: WWE's Carmella & Corey Graves Announce Birth Of Their Son, Share First Pic

Former "WWE SmackDown" Women's Champion Carmella has been out of action since March, later revealing that she and husband Corey Graves were expecting a child together. In some heartwarming news, the two performers have now jointly revealed on Instagram that their son, Dimitri Paul Polinsky, was born on November 8, 2023. Carmella noted that she was in labor for 60 hours, promising to reveal more about that at another time.

Carmella and Graves have been together since 2019, as documented in the ninth and final season of "Total Divas," and were later married in 2022. Last year, Carmella opened up about experiencing an ectopic pregnancy as well as an early miscarriage in the span of just a few months. Although Graves has children from a previous marriage, this is the first child that the two WWE stars have had together.

Though "Total Divas" is no longer on the air, the pair's relationship has been indirectly acknowledged onscreen in WWE over the last few years, primarily in the form of Graves commenting on Carmella whenever she would appear. Before getting pregnant earlier this year, Carmella had just made her return to WWE after some time away. The brief run most notably saw her compete in this year's Women's Elimination Chamber match. With her priorities certainly set on parenting her newborn baby, it will likely be a while before Carmella returns to wrestling, if she decides to come back at all. Graves is still on TV as a regular commentator for "WWE SmackDown," appearing every Friday night.

The Wrestling Inc. staff would like to congratulate Carmella and Graves on the latest addition to their family.