WWE Hall Of Famer Kevin Nash Explains How Loud Crowd Was For WWE Backlash 2024

The WWE Universe is still buzzing about the reaction the company's stars received in Lyon, France at Backlash earlier this month. On "Kliq This," WWE Hall of Famer Kevin Nash was in awe of the response, so much so that it led to a certain amount of disbelief on his part.


"[When watching WWE Backlash] you say to yourself 'Is it really that f***ing loud?'" Nash said, as he was convinced WWE had sweetened the crowd reactions after the broadcast. "I texted [Paul "Triple H" Levesque] ...'That crowd was so alive that it made a 64 year old man want to take a bump,' and Paul responded to me 'We could not hear each other in Gorilla Position.'" Nash goes on to say that the buyrate for Backlash doesn't matter, as the event stands as a testament to WWE's popularity at the moment. "We're not even talking apples and oranges," Nash said, comparing WWE to AEW. "We're talking the United States Military against Egypt."

Former United States Champion Matt Hardy recently agreed with Nash about the crowd response, noting that a response like the one WWE received in France makes everyone's jobs, from the promoter to the wrestlers in the ring, easier. The show was an unprecedented success for WWE, as it broke the record for biggest gate, as well as led to noise level warnings on people's mobile phones. There is no word on when WWE is planning to run another Premium Live Event in France. The company's next show is the upcoming King and Queen of the Ring event in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.


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