Bruce Prichard Describes 'Beautiful Experience' Of WWE Backlash 2024

WWE is still gushing about the exhilarating response they received from the crowd in Lyon, France for Backlash. On "Something to Wrestle," Bruce Prichard said that he'd never experienced anything like it in his many decades of WWE work. "The crowd in Lyon, France was the loudest I have ever experienced," Prichard admitted. "The level of excitement from the moment that they stepped in ... They were on. They were chanting. They were singing. They were having a good time. They were just happy to be there." According to Prichard, WWE executives were trying to have a meeting during all of the commotion, and it made communicating over Zoom difficult.


"It was damn near impossible to hear yourself think. Now you move to that evening's entertainment and we go into the Gorilla Position ... We were on the arena floor ...You talk about loud," Prichard said, awed. "At one point they sent out an emergency alert system to everyone's phone, stating the decibel level in that area of Lyon was dangerously high ... It was insane." Prichard said that what he truly appreciated was how grateful the fans were for the in-ring product, as it added to the jubilant atmosphere.

"They just wanted to be there and experience it and they loved every second of it," Prichard explained, noting that the crowd was appreciative of every aspect, from the wrestlers to the ring announcers. "They were into the event and they were having fun." WWE Hall of Famer Kevin Nash recently said the crowd was so hyped up that it made him want to get back in the ring and take a bump.


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