Rocky Romero Discusses AEW's Relationship With Wrestling World

AEW has notably been the only promotion in recent history to have major crossover pay-per-views with NJPW, which have featured the biggest stars on either roster. Rocky Romero has been instrumental in brokering the deal between the two promotions, and in a recent interview with "Fightful," he hinted at the "Forbidden Door" being expanded.


According to Romero, the Forbidden Door concept essentially embodies the relationship between AEW and NJPW, but also provides a platform for other companies to be showcased. "It'll always stay as a New Japan and AEW official promoted show, both companies together, and then using those resources and their connections bringing in other promotions." Romero revealed that two other promotions will be involved with the next Forbidden Door, one being a definite. "Stardom will definitely be a part of Forbidden Door this year and it's very likely that CMLL will have participation in Forbidden Door and then, who knows?"

Many AEW names have made big impacts in NJPW in recent years, with Chris Jericho kickstarting the relationship between the promotions. Romero acknowledged this, and noted how both Jon Moxley and Kenny Omega similarly helped things along. He then recalled his own talks with Tony Khan and how this led to the first Forbidden Door. "When Tony and I finally sat down and we talked and kind of cleared the air and I went back to New Japan and told them about our meeting, you know, the doors were opened, and the Forbidden Door concept started."


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