WWE King Of The Ring Tournament Report, SmackDown 5/17/2024

The two opponents in the semi finals for the blue brand's side of the King of the Ring bracket were determined Friday night on "WWE SmackDown." First, LA Knight failed to topple Tama Tonga, who was accompanied by The Bloodline; then Randy Orton took on Carmelo Hayes in a winning effort in the main event. Orton and Tonga will go head-to-head to earn "SmackDown's" spot in the King of the Ring finals next week in Saudi Arabia, presumably on the go-home episode of "SmackDown" before the premium live event.


Knight started off against hot against Tonga, but was almost immediately put in a sleeper hold to stall his momentum. Sikoa and Loa got up on the apron and the referee didn't do anything to stop them. They kept their hands off Knight, but the "Megastar" was distracted and Tonga hit him from behind. Knight attempted to capitalize and hit a pop-up powerslam, followed by an elbow drop. As he looked to hit a BFT, Loa pulled Tonga out of the ring. Knight hit a baseball slide to them both, and stared down Sikoa on the outside. When they got back into the ring, Tonga hit a sidewalk slam onto Knight for a pinfall victory.

Hayes, who had been in the face of Knight throughout the night backstage, and Orton had a physical bout which involved both men out of the ring. Orton continuously spiked Hayes on the announce table, which didn't give. The men battled back and forth once back inside the ring, but Hayes wouldn't stay down against "The Viper." Hayes missed the Nothing By Net, and Orton set up in the ropes and hit his signature DDT, followed by an RKO for the victory.


Following the match, Cathy Kelly attempted to interview Orton about his victory when the Bloodline's music hit. Sikoa, Paul Heyman, Tonga, and Loa came out from the back before Orton got on the mic and stopped them on the ramp. He questioned the Bloodline trying to intimidate him, and re-introduced himself to his opponent, reminding Tonga he's a 14-time world champion. Orton said he was going to introduce Tonga to the three most dangerous letter in wrestling in Saudi Arabia next week, RKO. "SmackDown" will take place in Jeddah next Friday ahead of King & Queen of the Ring.