WWE's Drew McIntyre Cheekily Compares The Bloodline's Tama Tonga To '80s Movie Monster

Drew McIntyre took a cheeky dig at The Bloodline, specifically Tama Tonga, likening him to an iconic monster from the '80s. Tonga appeared backstage with The Bloodline ahead of his King of the Ring quarter-final win against LA Knight during last night's "WWE SmackDown." Reacting to a clip of the "MFT" hyping himself up by making rather strange noises, McIntyre couldn't help but take a dig and liken him to the Gremlins, the titular antagonists of the 1984 movie and its sequel released in 1990. "I thought we all agreed not to feed Tama after 8 PM," McIntyre wrote on X.


For those who haven't seen the movie, the Gremlins spawn when their furry adjacent species Mogwai are fed after midnight. The transformation process sees them enter a chrysalis as cute teddy bear-like creatures, emerging later as slimy green reptilian trouble-makers who ransack everything and everyone they clasp eyes on. Tonga won last night's KOTR bout much in the same vein as a Gremlin too, relying on his brother Tanga Loa to interfere on his behalf as LA Knight looked to have the win. 

Randy Orton won the other quarter-final during last night's "SmackDown" to confirm that he will face Tonga in the semi-finals of the tournament during next week's show, the winner of that bout will book themselves a spot in the final against the winner of the bracket on "WWE Raw" at WWE King & Queen of the Ring in Saudi Arabia on May 25. "Raw" this coming Monday will feature Gunther against Jey Uso in the semi-final to determine the first finalist.