Rey Mysterio Recalls Classic WCW Feud With Eddie Guerrero

WWE Hall of Famer Rey Mysterio reflected on his feud and friendship with Eddie Guerrero during an appearance on the "JAXXON Podcast." Mysterio said that "Latino Heat" was his favorite partner to team with throughout his entire wrestling career, and also referred back to their Mask vs Cruiserweight Title match at Halloween Havoc 1997 as the bout that put him on the map.


"The run I had with Eddie. Eddie and I, was probably one of the hottest [tag teams] in my point of view as far as the love from the fans... The connection I had with Eddie was genuine so the fans saw through that and were able to put two and two together and say, 'This is a real team right here,'" Mysterio recalled. "We started off as rivals first, and then, eventually, we became partners, and I'm talking WCW, 1997 was probably the match that I believe put me on the map against Eddie Guerrero which was mask versus Cruiserweight Title Halloween Havoc 1997 at the MGM in Vegas."

Mysterio and Guerrero competed in 19 one on one matches together throughout their careers in both WWE and WCW, most notably wrestling against each other at WrestleMania 21 and Summerslam 2005 for the custody of Dominik Mysterio. Their clash at Halloween Havoc 1997 is also widely regarded as one of the best matches in WCW history. After their near-decade-long rivalry, both men had the privilege of winning the WWE Tag-Team Championships together, which Mysterio described as one of the most genuine partnerships he's ever been part of due of his love for Eddie in real life.


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