Booker T Recalls Reaction To Seeing AEW's Darby Allin's Coffin Drop For First Time

Like many in the wrestling world, Booker T is worried about Darby Allin. Speaking on the "Hall of Fame" podcast, he remembered the first time he saw Allin hit his death-defying move, The Coffin Drop, and how it's worried him ever since.


"I worry, I really do. I worry about the young guys these days. Let's say for instance, a Darby Allin... The first time I saw him in Northeast Championship Wrestling, before he ever got signed and he did the Coffin Drop that night, I go, 'Man, what is wrong with this kid?'"

Booker felt that Darby had potential but the recklessness of the Coffin Drop worried the WWE Hall of Famer. Furthermore, he recalled the ramifications of Allin getting injured on the "Big Business" edition of "AEW Dynamite."

"Not too long ago I was at a convention and I saw him...and I looked down and he had a big boot on his leg, and having a boot on his leg, that made him miss going to climb Mount Everest. So he's crazy," Booker said. The former World Heavyweight Champion asked Allin if he's going to tone down his style, only to be told probably would not by the AEW star. "I can only imagine how these guys are gonna feel when they get to my age."


The former WWE United States Champion believes that many of the young wrestlers are not thinking about how they will feel in the future, if they're even thinking about the future at all. "When you finally get there and you wake up and go 'Argh, it hurts. Man I wish I wouldn't have done that,'" Booker warned. "They can still get the same reactions, they can still get the same feelings and sometimes even more. So I just caution [the young guys]."

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