WWE King Of The Ring Tournament Report, Raw 5/20/2024

"Main Event" Jey Uso took on GUNTHER in the semifinals of the King of the Ring Tournament Monday night on "WWE Raw," with the winner moving on to the finals in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, on May 25. The fans were firmly behind Uso in the main event; GUNTHER dominated early with his patented chops, but Uso quickly took over with rapid offense. After Uso went shoulder-first into the ringpost. however, GUNTHER focused on his right arm, driving him into the steel steps and the barricade in quick succession.


GUNTHER continued to focus on the arm, which left Uso unable to perform a superplex or a Samoan Drop from the top rope. Eventually Uso was able to land a pair of superkicks that left GUNTHER down in the corner, but GUNTHER went back to his opponent's arm by putting him in an armbar. Later, GUNTHER ducked a spear and hit a release German Suplex, followed by a splash off the top, but Uso kicked out. GUNTHER returned to his calling card of repeated chops; Uso slapped him in the face, and an incensed "Ring General" chopped him repeatedly in the corner.

Uso finally nailed a spear, but GUNTHER inadvertently hit the ref on his way down to the mat. Uso followed with a splash, but the ref was still down. He got up and counted to two, but GUNTHER kicked out. GUNTHER was then able to get Uso in a sleeper to win and advance to the finals on Saturday at the King and Queen of the Ring PLE. He will face either Tama Tonga or Randy Orton, who will do battle in their own semifinal bout this Friday on "WWE SmackDown," also from Jeddah.