The Undertaker Recalls 'Oh S***' Moment In Ring With This WWE Star

In recent years, Mark Calaway has seemed to shed The Undertaker persona in favor of becoming more candid in discussing his experiences in the wrestling industry. It is hard to believe, that "The Deadman" — known as being the locker room leader — would feel intimidated by any wrestler, however, on a recent episode of his "Six Feet Under with Mark Calaway" podcast, he opened up about working with the notoriously tough wrestler Haku.


The WWE Hall of Famer recounted a tag team match where he partnered with Kane to face Rikishi and Haku. Calaway stated that he was never a fan of getting chopped, and when he was chopped by Haku in the match, he instinctively grabbed his opponent for a counter. 

"It was one of those moments like, I just did it and then it dawned on me who I had just grabbed and I'm thinking to myself, 'cause I whipped him around — I didn't tater him — but they were in the middle of getting some heat and I came out of it 'cause I didn't like getting chopped. It was in that moment of like [I thought], 'Oh s***, this is Haku.'"

Haku is considered one of the toughest wrestlers ever, from both his in-ring action and altercations outside of the ropes. Despite thinking his counter would earn him a beating from the former WWE Tag Team Champion, Haku was not spiteful towards The Undertaker. "Thank goodness he loved me, and he liked me 'cause he just went with it and he didn't kill me."


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