Brian Gewirtz Says This WWE WrestleMania 40 Match Was His Favorite Creative Project

Brian Gewirtz worked on WWE's company's creative team from 1999 until 2015, but he now serves as Dwayne Johnson's representative. Across his career, Gewirtz was involved in the development of many WrestleMania storylines, but while speaking on "The Masked Man Show," he revealed that one of the programs from this year's "Show of Shows" has overtaken his former favorite. 


"I think Rock, Roman, Cody, Seth exceeds that. This has been like, the most favorite thing that I've ever been able to, you know, contribute to. And it was a blast and especially, too, if you get into the grind of also television production and selling shows and reading scripts and doing general meetings." 

The former WWE head of creative claimed he often gets asked about his favorite moments from his career, noting that he always named the Chris Jericho and Shawn Michaels' WrestleMania feud as his number one due to how layered was. However, that storyline has been surpassed thanks to WresteMania 40 and Rhodes quest to finish the story by winning the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship.

Gewirtz also reflected on his return to WWE, noting how much things have changed in the creative division since he was last involved. "There's like this trust factor, and there's this, like, 'All right, you've got the ball, go ahead and take it.'"


Additionally, he described the feeling while working on the match as going to Summer Camp. "I know, there's some people on Team Seven Bucks that were texting me like 'Oh, my God, I wish I could have been there, that looked like so much fun.' You know that, you know, really made the whole experience like really, really rewarding."

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