The Undertaker Says This Was His Favorite WWE Return

While speaking on his "Six Feet Under with Mark Calaway" podcast, The Undertaker was asked what his favorite WWE return was. After some careful consideration, he decided that his comeback at SummerSlam 1994 is the best of the bunch.


"Overall, I think probably the '94 return because it was still the... all the essence of The Undertaker, the old-school Undertaker, we just moved from the grey to the purple. Vince [McMahon] loved the purple; I would've never probably changed if it was up to me. Nah, I shouldn't say that because I knew when things need(ed) to be tweaked and changed, but I'm just partial to black and grey. But '94, I'd have to agree with that."

At the 1994 Royal Rumble, Undertaker lost a WWE Championship Casket match to Yokozuna that was used to start a seven-month absence. Ted DiBiase claimed he brought Undertaker back with a lookalike, but was called out by Paul Bearer, leading to an Undertaker vs. "Undertaker" main event at SummerSlam, where the true "Phenom" returned and defeated his imposter.


Calaway hoped to rank his 2023 return as "The American Badass" on "WWE Raw's" 30th Anniversary show higher, but the segment's time constraints hindered the moment. "The Deadman" also gave a nod to his WrestleMania 20 return in 2004. "I think the transition back from "The American Badass" more into that hybrid Undertaker version, that was fun."

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