Bully Ray Says This WWE NXT Star Is Impressive, Has The 'It Factor'

On June 9, "WWE NXT" will crown the first-ever NXT Women's North American Champion in a six-pack ladder match at "NXT" Battleground. To determine which women would be competing in this history-making match, WWE hosted a series of physical tests at a combine, followed by a round of Battleground qualifying matches. The first two to emerge victorious in the qualifiers were Sol Roca and Lash Legend, the latter of whom seemingly made a strong impression on WWE Hall of Famer Bully Ray.


On the topic of setting oneself apart in wrestling, Ray's "Busted Open Radio" co-host Tommy Dreamer cited Gigi Dolin, who currently carries forth a unique punk-rock look, as a successful demonstrator of this concept. According to Ray, though, the prime example lies within Meta-Four member Lash Legend. "The number one woman in NXT that comes to mind based on everything you just said, especially about standing out, and sometimes we don't even know why somebody stands out. They just stand out because they have that it factor; and for me, it's Lash Legend," Ray said. "That woman is impressive ... I don't know what it was about Lash Legend last [week], but I was like, 'Wow.' To me, she came to the ring different. She stood up on that turnbuckle different. That was my moment; that was my head turn moment."


As Ray mentioned, Legend defeated her fellow powerhouse Ivy Nile on last week's episode of "NXT" to qualify for the aforementioned six-pack ladder match at "NXT" Battleground. In addition to her win, Legend's performance also managed to capture the attention of Ray in what he later clarified as a "second" head turn moment.

"What you want is for [fans] to look at you and then look back. Because if you can get them to look back, you got them on the hook. Last [week], Lash Legend got me to look back and she's got me on the hook."

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