Teddy Long Weighs In On Changes In WWE

WWE Hall of Famer Teddy Long has shared his appreciation for the changes that have occurred in WWE lately, specifically speaking toward the new "Paul Levesque Era" as well as the declining system of the "old boys' club" that used to have a strong presence within the company. 


Long discussed the topic on "Insight with Chris Van Vliet," where he explained that he believes there are elements from WWE's "Attitude Era" that have returned to the current product. However, he believes WWE's focus should be on continuing to create engaging television and making sure the aforementioned club is removed for good.

"I thought I saw more of the Attitude Era coming back a little bit, I think there's going to be a lot of changes. Thank God for Rock, you know, somebody to come back and kind of straighten it out, man, and let's get this good old boy system... It's been in wrestling for many, many years — probably some part of it still now. But let's just get this out of there and let's just put some good TV out there — some good entertainment — and make sure everybody have a good time, have fun. Attitude Era, man, we worked, we had fun, you know it was a great time." 


Long also also provided his thoughts on the backstage morale in WWE under the Levesque regime, which he witnessed first-hand after attending the Draft last month. He believes that the overall mood is better these days, and long may it continue.

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