Bully Ray Explains Why AEW Is Put 'Under The Microscope'

WWE legend Bully Ray has detailed why AEW is analyzed and scrutinized more than WWE in recent times.

AEW has grown tremendously since it began in 2019, but the promotion's ratings have dropped in recent times, which has led to them receiving criticism from fans and former wrestlers. During a recent edition of "Busted Open," Ray discussed why people are critical of AEW more than they are of WWE. The WWE Hall of Famer asserted that he doesn't want AEW to fail, and expressed that his criticism of AEW is to ascertain if they can get out of tough situations.


"When we take a look at AEW now and some of the peaks and valleys that they go through, we analyze the valleys, the reason we put it under a microscope so much is — can they weather this storm? It's not to say, 'Oh, look at what's going on with them. Haha ha, you're going to fail.' We never do that. It's — how do they weather this storm? That's why you cannot make the comparison to AEW and WWE, in any way, shape, or form," said Ray.

He added that WWE has weathered many storms over time, be it their legal battle with the government or their clash with rivals like WCW. The Hall of Famer, in no uncertain terms, said that WWE "sucked" for a period before the Attitude Era due to bad creative, but they were able to get out of that difficult situation and turn things around, much like they have done other times in their long history. 


"Busted Open" host Dave LaGreca highlighted how AEW's existence is because fans wanted to see a different promotion rival WWE as the product that WWE was showcasing was boring. Despite the criticism leveled at them, AEW's broadcast partner, Warner Brothers Discovery, is reportedly happy with the promotion, which is good news for Tony Khan and co.