Swerve Strickland Opens Up About Being AEW Champion & A Role Model

After months of chasing the prize, Swerve Strickland finally won the big one at this year's AEW Dynasty pay-per-view, where he defeated Samoa Joe to win the AEW World Championship. In an interview with "TMZ Sports," the "Mogul" opened up about the humbling experience of becoming AEW World Champion. 


"On top of the fact that we have literally the best roster assembled in wrestling, to be at the top of the mountain, that's (a) huge honor. It also shows all the hard work that I had to do, how much I had to work to stand out that much more to really bring something different and unique to the table to be even considered in the higher tier."

Strickland recalled his first match on the secondary show "AEW Rampage" and revealed how his life has changed since becoming champion, with more responsibility and media attention. "I can't just respond to everybody online, I can't call out people like that 'cause now I'm representing All Elite Wrestling to the fullest extent; I'm not just representing myself, it's bigger than myself now." 


Strickland also commented on being the first black AEW World Champion, noting that it's something he thinks about every day and how it's the culmination of his years of working hard and persevering. "You fight back, you show yourself, show the world, show whatever that's knocking you down in the first place: you can't keep me down and that's the definition of what "Swerve" is at this stage of my career,"

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