Sami Zayn Retains WWE Intercontinental Title In Jeddah With An Accidental Assist

Sami Zayn is leaving Saudi Arabia still the Intercontinental Champion after defeating Bronson Reed and Chad Gable in a triple threat match with many impressive feats of strength at WWE King & Queen of the Ring. Zayn's victory in the match didn't come without an assist, however, it appeared accidental, when Otis clotheslined his coach on the outside of the ring while aiming for the champ.


The three men engaged in a power struggle and went back and forth to start off the match, but Zayn hit a Blue Thunderbomb on Reed after dodging a strike from the big man while he had Gable in an ankle lock. Reed was able to kick out and at one point, hit a Samoan Drop with both men on his shoulders, and followed it up with a suicide dive to the outside. At another point in the match, Gable got behind both of his competitors and choke slammed them both.

Gable directed Otis to lay out Reed on the outside of the ring, then sent Zayn over the ropes to follow. Otis was torn about taking out the champion and hesitated to do so multiple times. Gable got out of the ring, and got in Otis' face before pushing and slapping him. Gable held up Zayn for Otis to clothesline, but the champion ducked out of the way and Otis leveled his coach to the shock of everyone.


Zayn got back in the ring with Reed. He hit a Helluva Kick and covered him for the win.