Cody Rhodes Overcomes Adversity, Retains Undisputed WWE Title At KQOTR 2024

"The American Nightmare" Cody Rhodes is still the Undisputed WWE Champion after defeating United States Champion Logan Paul in a physical battle at King & Queen of the Ring. Rhodes even got a bit of help from Saudi Arabia's Ibrahim Al Hajjaj, who was the guest ring announcer to start off the match, but also distracted Paul before the finish of the bout to give Rhodes an advantage. 


The match featured big spots throughout, including Rhodes hitting a big arm drag to launch Paul off the top rope and a Disaster Kick to drop him from the apron to the floor. Once outside of the ring, Paul's manager passed his client a pair of brass knuckles, though Paul said in the pre-show press conference he would not be using the weapon. Rhodes launched himself off the stairs at Paul, but was caught with a punch to his gut.

After battling back and forth both in and out of the ring, Paul cleared off the announce desk, got the champion on top of it, and looked for a Pedigree. Rhodes fought back, and hit a Cody Cutter on Paul. He got back into the ring and told the referee to not count Paul out. Rhodes then cleared off the other announce desk, but Paul battled back. He climbed to the top rope and hit a frog splash onto Rhodes, sending him through the table.


Back in the ring, Paul hit another frog splash, but Rhodes kicked out. Rhodes hit a Vertibreaker onto Paul, but the referee was not able to count the pin, as he had been laid out by Paul by accident. Paul hit a low blow and got the brass knuckles back out, but was stopped by Al Hajjaj, who tried to pull him out of the ring and distracted the United States Champion. Rhodes hit three Cross Rhodes on Paul off the distraction and got the three count for the victory.