Will Ospreay Beats Roderick Strong, Wins AEW International Title At Double Or Nothing

Will Ospreay overcame Roderick Strong at AEW Double or Nothing to capture the International Championship. The "Aerial Assassin" had to endure interference from Mike Bennett, Matt Taven, and Wardlow but he would ultimately win his first title with the promotion with a Hidden Blade followed by Stormbreaker. 


Following his win over Bryan Danielson at AEW Dynasty, Ospreay vowed not to use the Storm Driver '91 after seeing it had left a lasting impact on his opponent. That plot point came into play during his match with Strong, as he was implored by Don Callis to use the move on the already-downed champion. Ospreay reluctantly positioned Strong for the maneuver, but ultimately hesitated and sought to deliver Stormbreaker. However, Strong reversed out of it, landing a gut-check followed by a running dropkick which Ospreay managed to kick out of. 

There was a briefly scary moment during Matt Taven and Mike Bennett's early involvement. Ospreay flipped out of a doomsday device position on the outside of the ring, but landed on the floor directly on his head. The match saw a brief pause after which, but he would continue the match as usual.