Why The Undertaker Says Lots Of WWE People Owe Him & Owen Hart For Saving Their Lives

WWE Hall of Famer Mark Henry was known for the strength of his arms in the ring, but backstage, it was the strength of his temper that the talent had to watch out for. Joined by Henry on a recent episode of his podcast "Six Feet Under with Mark Calaway," The Undertaker fondly remembered how he and Owen Hart likely saved many WWE superstars from a true "Hall of Pain."


"I'd be at home and my phone would ring, and it would be at night and it would be Mark, and I was like, 'Oh s***," because I knew he was about to kill somebody," Calaway said, recounting Henry's infamous tantrums, often in response to practical jokes.  "I bet I've got 15 calls through the year with him ready to kill somebody, and somewhere way, way up the totem pole, and I'm like, 'Mark, I understand, but you — just take a deep breath.'"

Calway referenced a well-documented rib in 2011, when Vince McMahon had Henry wait out in the ring alone for a post-show match, where he waited for several minutes before storming backstage. Henry threatened to quit, as he felt disrespected, but was talked out of it. Although it was meant to be a joke on Henry, seeing Mark's rage gave Vince the idea for the "Hall of Pain" persona where Henry won the World Heavyweight Championship.


While Calaway did not go into details, he finished the topic by saying that a lot of people owe himself and Owen Hart their lives and ability to walk, suggesting that "The King of Harts" at times had to calm down "The World's Strongest Man."

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